Shine Therapy Centre

Private Occupational Therapy in the South East and Kent

Independent Occupational Therapy
The Shine Therapy Centre in Cranbrook (due to open in July 2014) was set up by Emma Mocrei BSc. (Hons) OT, in order to provide an efficient and family focused occupational therapy service in the South East and Kent.  The Centre provides an Occupational Therapy Assessment and Treatment Service to children and their families and is also designed with sensory equipment for a sensory integration approach as necessary.

Occupational Therapy addresses the following difficulties that children may face:

  • Fine motor skills: difficulty with cutting, writing, zips or buttons
  • Problems with daily living skills, dressing independence or using a knife and fork
  • Difficulty with gross motor skills
  • Overly sensitive or under-reactive to touch, movement, sounds, tastes or smells
  • Difficulty tolerating a prone (on tummy) position
  • Appears clumsy or awkward
  • Does not demonstrate hand dominance
  • Difficulty focusing attention (or over-focused) and unable to shift to the next task
  • Activity level that is unusually high or low
  • Difficulty following instructions
  • Oral motor difficulties (excessive dribbling)
  • Impulsive, lack of self-control or inability to unwind or calm self

All these difficulties can have a significant impact upon a child’s ability to progress with their independence, development and learning skills both at home and school.  Their confidence can also be affected which can lead to other difficulties such as reluctance to attempt new activities, difficulties with friendships and poor independence.  This can severely impact upon many areas of their life.

Emma received a Parents Appreciation Award in 2013 from the East Sussex Parent and Carers’ Council (ESPaCC) “Emma is highly efficient, good at her job, and has a broad knowledge base that shows depth to her work… thank you”